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Let me count the reasons why we don't like WordPress. Have you ever bought something (a certain brand, model, type, etc...) because it was cheap? Well, I'm an "all in" kind of guy. Meaning, cheap up front but expensive in the long run ends up being expensive—sometimes more costly in the long run. Wordpress is like training wheels for a bike, eventually you need to get rid of the training wheels! Wordpress CREATES maintenance. Wordpress has to be maintained WEEKLY or you run the risk of your site going down. Why would you hit your head with a hammer? You know it's going to hurt!

Picture of CMS Usage Statistics


There are many content management systems or CMS for short. Examples include but are not limited to: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Blogger, vBulletin, ExpressionEngine, SilverStripe, Cushy CMS, Frog CMS, MODx, Typolight, dotCMS, Radiant, concrete5, Web, Yola,.... you get the idea. There are many. According to builtwith.com CMS Usage Statistics, WordPress accounts for over 45% (this number varies over time) of all sites (that use CMS and aren't built from scratch). Your first thought might be—that means it's popular because it's so easy to use (more on ease of use later). That is certainly one way to look at it.On 7/2/16 Wordpress was 37%... WP is losing market share... there's a reason for it!


Here's our paradigm. If you were a fisherman, would you fish in an empty pond? Or in a pond full of fish? I'm going to assume we're on the same page. See, because so many sites use WordPress, Hackers target them! Once the hackers find a hole in the WP system, the WP developers create a "fix" (which results in an update that you have to administer in your WP account). This is what I call the laundry affect. You start with clean clothes (web site that works), they get muddy (site gets hacked), clothes end up in the washing machine (developers create a fix), you have to finish the laundry before you wear your clothes (updates need to be done on your site weekly or you run the risk of your site not working). Rinse Repeat. How many loads of laundry do you want to do every week? Or how often do you want to pay a developer to do the updates for you? Is WordPress really cheaper?


CMS or Content Management Systems.... Let's talk about using WordPress as a developer. As someone that knows how to read, write, modify, and update code... it's frustrating using WordPress. Using WordPress (for someone that knows code) is like locking your keys in your car. You can see your keys, you just can't get to them. Meaning there's always something in the way of getting to the code you want. WordPress is a template system that gives the (non developer) user a "user friendly" experience. Why not let us build you something using with out a middle man mucking things up?

Built From Scratch

When you go to a restaurant would you like the chef to make something wonderful from scratch? Or would you prefer a plate of Mac n cheese made in the microwave? Call me nuts, I like real food! We can typically build you a custom site to enrich your brand in the same time that a WordPress guy can build you a cookie cutter site. We build expandable and maintainable sites by using the latest versions of HTML 5, CSS 3, PHP, and JavaScript.

Steve Jobs

If you know anything about Steve Jobs (aside from the fact he passed away 10/05/2011—may he rest in peace, and he revolutionized the world several times over) he cared as much about beauty on the inside of his hardware as he did about the outside. I feel the same way. We take pride in the way we write code.