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Your first question is probably, "What does Logistics have to do with web development?" Answer: Daren thinks Logistics applies to just about everything! Read on!

If you read the About page, you know Daren's Degree is in Logistics. Logistics can be defined many ways. We like to define Logistics as a time related positioning of resources. The whole concept of Logistics is based on 7 R's which are:

  • Right Product
  • Right Customer
  • Right Quantity
  • Right Condition
  • Right Place
  • Right Time
  • Right Cost

The Seven R's of Logistics — Getting the right product, to the right customer, in the right quantity, in the right condition, at the right place, at the right time, at the right cost.

What Does Logistics Have to do with Web Development?

You're question is still, "What does Logistics (or Landscaping) have to do with web development?" In our opinion Logistics (and construction) is all about relationships. We look at everything as a customer supplier relationship. We handle things in a certain manner that builds customer supplier relationships. Think about it. As a landscaper, people (customers) have needs. They wanted their yards transformed. Daren went to people's homes, met with them, listened to their needs and wants. Then a plan of action was put together to bring their hopes and dreams to fruition. Upon earning their bids (contracts) most people got dizzy at how quickly we did the work. Every job was completed on time. Every job. Communication? I'm always available. I always respond.

So, back to, "What does Logistics have to do with web development?" Here's how we look at it. You are the customer. We are the supplier. We work together to fulfill your needs. The more you know about what you want, the easier it is to make your online presence painless. You have a need—a website. If this is your first website, typically the hardest thing to get done... is for you to write the content. True story. Let's try it. Take a moment and write the content (don't worry about layout) of one of the following pages: Home, About, FAQ. Send it to me and I'll put it on the web for you. Take a look at Your First Web Page

We take a systematic approach to building your site (or giving your existing site a face lift). We want to be your online logistics expert. Contact us, you'll see the difference. I guarantee it!