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  • What's Included In My Website?

    That all depends, every project is different. When we build a site, we design and build a site. What does that mean? Let's say you need a 5 page site. We'll build your home, about, services, FAQ and Contact page (or what ever pages you need/want), and we'll make them render. We build them using content that YOU provide.

    But making them render... that's hosting, right? Yes, that's true. Making them render is another service, called hosting. While we develop your site (new or a remodel), we typically build that site on our server (we send you a link to it) so you can see it. Once the site is done (new or remodel), we make it live based on the hosting service you've chosen.

    • Agreed Number of Pages
    • Design / Build
    • Responsive Web Design
    • Google Analytics
    • Sitemap.xml pushed to Google & Bing
    Excluded - Optional Services
    • Logo Design
    • Artwork
    • Email Service
    • Admin Login (needed for Blog or E-commerce)
    • Content Writing
    • SEO Service
    • Adwords
    • Social Media Management
    • Hosting
    • Blog
    • Shopping Cart
  • What is Responsive Web Design?

    Responsive Web Design is an approach to web design that allows desktop web pages to be viewed on all devices and all screen sizes. Responsive Web Design allows the content to adjust based on screen sizes. Take a look at our site on different screens. Look at it on your phone horizontally and vertically. The content is there on every page, it just moves around to fill the screen depending on how you hold your phone or tablet. The same is true on desktop. If you adjust your browser window with a mouse, you'll literally see the content move around based on the browser window size. THAT is Responsive Web Design.

  • What is Mobile First Web Design?

    Mobile First Web Design is more of a mental thought process that developers use so that web pages will render on mobile devices. The reality is, Responsive Web Design is the ideal approach. Not too long ago, developers were building sites for mobile first and then adding content for larger screens. But the best approach is Responsive Web Design and having ALL THE CONTENT render on ALL DEVICES and having content move around based on the screen size.

  • What is Structured Data?

    Structured data is a system of pairing a name with a value that helps search engines categorize and index your content. In English... that means having your information the same everywhere. Why is structured data important? Google says it's important. That's the answer that matters. Google now takes into account the QUALITY of information ( about your company as it looks across the entire web ) into rendering search results. This means your information had better be the same across the web. How do you do that? We do it 4U via structured data!

    Look at it this way. Have you ever printed business cards? The information on them is the same on every single business card, right? Well Google looks at your information across the web and looks for discrepancies in your information. If you have discrepancies, you will be de-ranked in search results. Using our Structured Data, this will increase your search results. We have the ability to structure your data (make sure it's the same across the web) so Google doesn't see any discrepancies!

    Want to know how your information looks across the web (For FREE)? Scan your information For FREE!

  • How Much Is Hosting?

    Most sites (non e-commerce) cost $10 per month or $100 per year when paid annually. Our Annual hosting plans run Jan - Dec 31st. We send invoices out around Nov 1st to cover the annual hosting. Yes, some sites cost more, yes we offer bulk pricing for clients with multiple sites.

    Side note: Although we offer monthly hosting, we don't have a single client that pays monthly (although you're welcome to use that plan).

  • How Much Is My Domain?

    We offer domains for $20 with privacy. GoDaddy has been charging $18.99 per domain plus 5 or 6 bucks for privacy. We typically bill for your domain at the same time as hosting, so you get a bill for $120 (100 hosting + 20 domain = 120)

  • Can Web 4U Design My Logo?

    Yes! We can design your logo. We've designed many logos but here are two examples: Audrey Wingo DDS & Taylor Mead.

  • Can My New Logo Be Used On Promotional Material?

    Yes! When we design your logo, you can have it in jpg, png, pdf, ai (Indesign), and eps formats. These can be used for different promotional aspects for your business.

  • Will My Logo Be in Vector Format?

    Yes! When we design your logo, you can have it in jpg, png, pdf, ai (Indesign), and eps formats.

  • What's the difference between Domain & URL?

    A domain name is the actual name of the website (such as www.web4uinc.com). A URL can be any of the pages associated with that domain (such as www.web4uinc.com/faq).

  • Do I need to buy a DOMAIN first?

    No, we can get your DOMAIN for you... and actually there are some SLIMY Registrars that will "buy or hold" any domain that you search for making it more expensive for you to purchase. Please, if you haven't purchased your domain yet, DON'T. Let us handle that. If you already have a domain, we'll let you know what needs to happen in order for us to build (or update) the site on that domain.

  • Is there a difference between hosting and email?

    Yes! Hosting and email service are two completely different things; technically, they are both "hosted" services. Although, when the term "host" is used, 99% of the time, website hosting is the object of discussion. When someone is referring to email "hosting" the two words go together as "email hosting" or email service provider. So what is hosting? All hosting is done on a server. A server is simply a computer that's designed to host web sites. A server makes a site visible to the world via the domain/url... it (the server) literally "serves" up the pages so they are visible on your device. Email is a different beast and email service does NOT necessarily come with "hosting" of a domain. Yes there are still companies like GoDaddy that offer combined services. The "WATCH OUT" for combined services is this... if ONE service goes down, they BOTH go down. A majority of our clients handle their own email. Yes, of course we can host your site. If you need email service as well, we need to discuss your email needs (like how many email addresses you need).

  • This is my first site, where do we start?

    Start with a list of the pages you want. Suggestions: Home, About, Products, Portfolio, FAQ, Contact. Obviously every site is going to differ a little. Don't worry, your list of pages may change slightly once we start talking about your business. Then provide us with the applicable content for those pages (this is typically where we are waiting on clients), images, logos, links to Facebook, Yelp, Twitter, etc...

  • Why build everything from Scratch?

    Why not? When you go to a restaurant would you like the chef to make something wonderful from scratch? Or would you prefer a plate of Mac n cheese made in the microwave? Call me nuts, I like real food! We can typically build you a custom site to enrich your brand in the same time that a WordPress guy can build you a cookie cutter site. We build expandable and maintainable sites by using the latest versions of HTML 5, CSS 3, PHP, and JavaScript. More importantly, WordPress sites are SLOW!!! Most WordPress sites take 3 seconds to load. This can have negative domino affect when it comes to Google Ranking. First of all, people are impatient. People don't want to wait for your site to load, so they abort and go visit another site that loads faster. This means less traffic to your site, so Google takes the lack of traffic to your site, and ranks your site accordingly (lower). Its the death spiral of ranking. We'll build your site, fast, functional & mobile friendly, for cross platform performance.

  • Why not use WordPress?

    One can often tell a professional landscape job versus a "home owner" job. WordPress (in our opinion) is used by those who don't know how to code (the right way). WordPress is the "Home Depot" supply store for those that aren't contractors. Do contractors ever use Home Depot? Sure. Do "Web Site" guys ever use Word Press? Sure, when they don't know how to code. Using the right tools is always important. We just believe WordPress isn't the best tool to use. Here's the Web 4U philosophy on WordPress. Look we're not saying Wordpress doesn't serve a purpose, it does. Most of our clients are either building their first site, or have outgrown the Wordpress platform, or just need a reliable developer to "handle it" so they can focus on what they do best—run their business.... More importantly, WordPress sites are SLOW!!! Most WordPress sites take 3 seconds to load. This can have negative domino affect when it comes to Google Ranking. First of all, people are impatient. People don't want to wait for your site to load, so they abort and go visit another site that loads faster. This means less traffic to your site, so Google takes the lack of traffic to your site, and ranks your site accordingly (lower). Its the death spiral of ranking. We'll build your site, fast and light, mobile friendly, for cross platform performance.

  • No Really... Why not use WordPress?

    WordPress is like a set of training wheels on a kids bike. Eventually, you need to get rid of the training wheels.

    WordPress is like a tire with a slow leak. It constantly needs attention. Without weekly attention, eventually it goes flat (stops working) ~ THEN it gets expensive to resurrect!

  • How much does a site cost?

    Let's put this in perspective. How much does a home cost? How much does a car cost? How much does a burger cost? The answer to all of these questions is: It depends. To dig deeper into the subject of cost, contact us to discuss it! Don't get stuck on the pricing, let's discuss where you are, where you want to be, and the best way to get there (and what it will take to do so)... it's called Logistics!

  • Can Web 4U Inc use my DOMAIN?

    Yes, of course if you already have your own DOMAIN we can use your DOMAIN. We need to know what it is (obviously) & what registrar has it so we can make thing happen.

  • What about Hosting?

    We typically host the sites we build. It keeps things simple when it comes to "keeping other hands out of the cookie jar (code)". In other words when we build you a site, we want to ensure the integrity of the code stays the way it should. Yes, I know your "friend" has built websites before and he just wants to make a small adjustment... That is what we want to avoid.

  • I know Web 4U likes to host their sites, but can I use my own host?

    Yes, you are the customer. We can discuss this. Let's put this in perspective. When a client hosts their own site and wants us to make a change to their site (no matter how big or small the change is), we have to look up their login information, (and who's hosting the site), some hosts force us to use a horrible C-panel login, and all of this takes time. When we host your site, we're logged into our server in seconds and changes are uploaded quickly. Also, all servers need updates. We're logged into our servers daily; this means we keep our servers up to date to ensure smooth sailing for all of our clients. Keep it simple, let us host it!

  • What about SEO?

    SEO the latest buzzword in the on-line advertising world. The reality is, SEO is a moving target — and it will continue to be a moving target as well. Yes we handle SEO and we're happy to discuss your ideas, where you are, and where you want to be.

  • What if I wake up in the middle of the night and think of something to add?

    We understand this might be your first time building a web site and may not know what to expect. As a contractor, we had a change order clause. There was a $250 fee for change orders (above and beyond the cost of the actual changes). In 17 years, we charged ONE customer that $250 fee—He deserved it! We understand you might wake up in the middle of the night and have an epiphany. We are reasonable. We believe in customer service. If (your changes) cause extra work, we'll discuss it. If we can slide it in—We will.

  • What if I all ready have a WordPress site?

    I'm sorry... Oh wait, that wasn't nice. So my real answer is: It depends. Would you like us to modify or update your WP site? We can. Would you like Web 4U to migrate your content from WP to a new custom site? We can do that too. Tell us what you're thinking and we'll go from there!

  • What about eCommerce?

    We're happy to discuss an eCommerce site with you. Like homes and automobiles there are many options. Contact Us to discuss your needs.

  • How much work gets farmed out?

    We do most of our work in house (about 99%). We have 2 designers on our team that whip up beautiful logos and art work. One designer tends to be more nuts and bolts, the other tends to be more abstract and "artistic." - American Built!

  • What if I Really want a WordPress site?

    Did you read our WordPress page? You still want a WordPress site? Really??? Do you want microwaved food? Or fresh made culinary cuisine?

  • What does Logistics have to do with Responsive Web Design?

    In our opinion Logistics (and construction) is all about relationships. We handle things in a certain manner that builds customer supplier relationships. Here's how we look at it. You are the customer. We are the supplier. We work together to fulfill your needs. The more you know about what you want, the easier it is to make your online presence painless. You have a need—a web site (built w/ Responsive Web Design techniques. Typically the hardest thing (for a first site) is for you to write the content. True story. Let's try it. Take a moment and write the content (don't worry about layout) of one of the following pages: Home, About, FAQ. Send it to me and I'll put it on the web for you. Take a look at Your First Web Page.