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Responsive Web Design 4U

A website should be Fast, Functional & Mobile Friendly! Your site will be designed using the latest Responsive Web Design techniques to ensure your site renders on all modern devices and browsers.

What is a Styling Library

A styling library is a very effective tool that web developers use to ensure pages are built with Responsive Web Design. Essentially its an efficient and effective tool used to structure code so that your web pages work on all modern devices and browsers.

Bootstrap is probably the most widely used and recognized styling library. Foundation is the second most popular and we actually prefer it over Bootstrap.

If you'd like more information about Frameworks and Styling libraries, please visit our FAQ Page.

Are you confused about where to start or what things cost? Let us help you understand how the process works—FREE of charge (that's called customer service). Everyone wants to know what things cost. We can give you a quick answer once we know what kind of work you're looking to have done. Here's a good analogy. Q: How much does a vehicle cost? A: What kind of vehicle? Brand? Make? Model? We can go on and on here. The answer (you'll see this a lot) is: It depends.

A Little About Daren

Hi, my name is Daren Barry. I'm an entrepreneur at heart. I was a Landscape Contractor for 16 years and have been self employed around 25 years. I got tired of dealing with web developers that didn't understand what I (as a business owner) needed (like honesty, punctuality, communication, pros and cons of certain platforms, etc...). How do I differentiate myself? Plain and simple. NO other developer (that I know of) can bring 25 years of successful business ownership to the table paired with Responsive Web Design skills. Well I can! I have a 4 year degree from Fresno State in Business (Logistics). I can design, build, host and maintain your site. We build everything the right way - Fast, Functional & Mobile Friendly! using Responsive Web Design.


We do not use WordPress. WordPress is like a bike with training wheels. Ultimately you'll have a better user experience when you get rid of the training wheels.

WordPress is also like a tire with a slow leak. It constantly needs attention (unnecessary and avoidable attention). Who needs the headache or expense?

Web Experience

It all started back in 2007. I owned another business and figured it was time to get a presence on the web. I had a site (or two) built... but, there seemed to be a disconnect between business owners and those that design / build / maintain sites. So I decided to go back to school full time and studied HTML 5, CSS 3, PHP, and JavaScript - (Web Development) and learned how to build web sites and custom web applications. Today we have clients all over the country. Some are simple and straightforward informational sites and others are full blown E-commerce websites. They're all built Fast, Functional and Mobile Friendly with Basic SEO built right in. Whether you need a simple 5 page site (home, about us, services/portfolio, faq, contact us) with or without hosting or a full blown 100+ page dynamically driven data base custom e-commerce web application, no job is too big or too small!

Feel free to reach out to us using the Contact page and let's have a conversation about how we can make your online representation not only painless, but delightful!